About me

Welcome!! I’m Katie – a teacher turned stay-at-home mommy raising two kiddos, Mila and Tyler, with my partner in crime, Jon.

My “party of four” at one of our favorite places…the beach.

Jon and I are high school sweets, both fellow Boilermakers (Go Purdue!) and moved to Boston right after college. After six years in Boston, we packed up our car with our cat, Rory, (our first “child” who passed away in 2015) and my 34-week pregnant belly and made the cross-country drive to CA. We currently call the Bay Area our home.

Our first “baby”, Rory. We still miss her and she will always be part of our family. <3

I’m a crafter, DIY’er, handy-person, traveler, explorer, foodie, etc…in other words, I’m always looking to “learn” and try new things and participate in new experiences. I love meeting new people, taking pictures, hanging around outside, crocheting, scrap booking, running or working out whenever I can (which most days comprises of “weight lifting” my 25 pound one year old…), drinking a strong, hot cup of coffee, enjoying a nice glass of wine or craft-beer, traveling, organizing a diaper bag (sad but true)…my loves go on and on. I absolutely love writing and documenting…hence why I started this blog.

Our first trip to Napa, CA in 2013…where we fell in love with California.

As a teacher, I saw the value in collaborating with my colleagues to better help my students. Since becoming a parent, I have truly learned and further appreciated the value of collaboration. The whole “it takes a village” concept is real. Our move to CA moved us further away from our immediate families, so with the help of online communities, bloggers, and local networks, we have had to get creative in creating our own local village. My hope is to contribute to that community that has helped me these past three years.

If I had to describe who I am in a few words, it would be Monica from “Friends”. If you’ve ever watched this show (another love of mine), there’s no doubt that I’m Monica. I’m the neat-freak, organizer, and perfectionist. In my defense though, I’m also pretty easy going, flexible, and generally laid back…especially when things are organized. 🙂

However, if you’ve seen the episode, “The One with the Secret Closet”…that’s totally me (spoiler: it’s just an incredibly messy closet behind a locked door). If I can put anything away somewhere where you/I can’t see it, I’ve achieved what it means to be “neat” in my book. Now, if I can’t later find that thing I randomly threw in the closet, I get this weird obsession to find it…and end up organizing that closet, drawer, etc. which over time becomes messy again…such a vicious cycle.

After writing all of this, I just went and gave my husband the biggest hug for putting up with me for so many years.

Now go click around! I hope you find something here that inspires you. Happy reading and thank you for stopping by!